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Hey Im Bekah :3 (Offline during mondays-fridays for a while will be back) and I am a part of the fandoms SHERLOCK!!!, HANNIBAL, HETALIA, and TEEN WOLF. Also I love ANIME but be warned I do sometimes reblog YAOI since I'm a HUGE Fujoshi XP and also some random stuff too haha. oh and a plus is I always FOLLOW BACK :D so if you follow me THANK YOU XD

The different looks of Tsukimi Kurashita

"M-my heart! Hello... I have to say hello to him!"


Ahhh, these covers are so rad! I dare you to pick just ONE!

Note: this set was made by me, please, don’t re-upload it if you are aware of who made this.

the jellyfish dress

the jellyfish dress


I love Princess Jellyfish <3

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